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Urban artist David Tycho forsakes city for call of the wild. 


Vancouver, February 19, 2018


Canadian painter David Tycho has cast off his urban sensibilities and returned to the land for creative inspiration. 


The artist had been painting gritty and grid-like depictions of Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and his native Vancouver for the past five years, but his new direction has eschewed the grit and geometry and headed for the proverbial hills.


“It’s simple,” he explains. “The city imposes constraints on people. Schedules, store hours, meetings, clocks, the physical grid itself, all nurture and reward adherence to an artificial system. My life and art were becoming all too familiar and predictable, and I needed a drastic change of scenery to shake things up a bit.” 


So, after his last urban-inspired Station to Station series was exhibited in Vancouver, he set off on a 9,000 km solo journey, starting in the misty rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and ending up in the scorched deserts of the American Southwest.


Extended periods of wilderness solitude and reflection eventually resulted in a series of abstractions as varied in colour and execution as the landscapes it portrays, aptly entitled Fire and Rain: A Journey to Extremes.


When asked about the the relevance of landscape based abstraction in contemporary urban society, Tycho answers, “When did nature become irrelevant? Our parks, campgrounds and hiking trails are jammed with urban escapees. There is a basic human need to connect with nature, and once that connection is made, people are more likely to cherish and protect the natural environment. I hope my paintings foster and enrich this experience.”


Gallerist and exhibition curator Luiza Brenner agrees. “I believe Tycho’s art can transport viewers from the madness of the city into the contemplative solitude of his rainforests and infinite desert plains.”


David studied painting at UBC under Canadian icon Gordon Smith in the early 1980s, and has gone on to exhibit his works in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Brussels, Geneva, Singapore and Manila. His paintings are collected worldwide.


Fire and Rain: A Journey to Extremes is on exhibit at Vancouver’s South Main Gallery from March 9 to April 3rd. It just may reconnect all you urbanites to the land as well.




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