Painting Process Explanation by David Tycho

Process Explanation

Tycho developed this process by combining photographs of his paintings with his urban photos, in a digital layering and collaging technique, creating images that are highly original both in terms of concept and technique. Artworks of this nature are sometimes referred to as digital composites, collages, or hybrids.

Each digital image is transferred onto a sheet of aluminum through a process known as dye sublimation. This technique creates a colour richness unattainable through alternative printing techniques on traditional substrates such as paper, canvas or wood. The satin finish is textureless, and in good lighting, the artworks have a luminescence comparable to a backlit image.

The surface is very durable, scratch resistant, and can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. If the artwork is kept out of direct sunlight, it will retain its vibrant colours for over 100 years, far surpassing the vast majority of photographic printing techniques.

Printing is complex, so if an artwork is not in stock, it may take 2 - 3 weeks for printing and delivery.